A surge of images along the banks of the Big Muddy.




Since August of 2012, Photo Flood Saint Louis has grown from just five members to over two hundred. Each month, we highlight what is truly great about the city of St. Louis by going out into the community and spending real time and money there.

We photograph the places that people love and get to know the people that love them. We tell stories that support colorful individuals and local businesses, and patronize a different restaurant twelve times a year. In the city, we have partnered with organizations as divergent as stl250 and Ballpark Village to offer free media coverage of their important events. For photographers, we offer opportunities to engage, network, mentor, exhibit, and establish careers; we do all of this without charging a single cent.

For the past two years, this has been accomplished using social media. This site runs currently through, and our members area runs through Facebook. Having parts of the organization in separate places causes many problems, especially since neither was designed to handle specifically what we use them for. Recent updates to Facebook have additionally complicated the process for how our members submit their images. It is time that we move on to something better; it is time that we form a home.

Designed by Kevin Myers (Mascot Agency and Evil Robots), the new site will retain the basic design and usability of this existing one, but will add a members area and other unique features. New members who do not use Facebook will more easily be able to take part and receive updates.

If you are a current member or site subscriber, please consider donating something to this important moment in our continued growth. Our fundraising goal is $1700, which will include all of the site design/reconstruction, our new hosting cost, and some additional sustainability (ie. unexpected expenses).



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