A surge of images along the banks of the Big Muddy.


Mini-Flood 36: Saint Louis Art Museum


photograph by Jason Gray

It has been almost three years since we last Flooded the venerable Saint Louis Art Museum. In that short time, they have added an entire new wing, a parking garage, and an outdoor sculpture garden. Also, on this Friday evening, the Museum will be screening JAWS for its Art Hill Film Series, hosting a bevy of delicious food truck fare, and more. slam009

photograph by Peter Hung

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Mini-Flood 16: Burnin’ Love Festival


photograph by Jason Gray

Popular opinion suggests that St. Louis was founded upon February 15, 1764. Still, arguments can be made for the important occassion having happened on either the 14th or 16th of February that year. Therefore, it is probably not such a big deal that Mother Nature ruined, with her display of ice and brutal cold, the first big attempt at celebrating St. Louis’ 250th anniversary.


photograph by Theresa Harter

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Mini-Flood 2: Saint Louis Art Museum

jasongray 16

photograph by Siobhan Lestina

The Saint Louis Art Museum is one of the most comprehensive art museums in the Nation, and it is entirely free to visit (sans some of the special exhibits), making it a tremendous cultural asset for the city.

The Museum itself is a Beaux Arts-style structure (designed by Cass Gilbert) and sits atop Art Hill; a position of grandeur that it has held ever since its construction as the Palace of Fine Arts for the World’s Fair of 1904. If you happen to approach from the Grand Basin, it is easy to understand why many St. Louisans refer to SLAM as the “crown-jewel of Forest Park”.

jasongray 10

photograph by Dan Henrichs Photography, St. Louis

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